“Some call it medicine……my wife, myself and my children call it miracles!” ER, Boulder, CO

“I never knew healing could be so much fun!” SS, Longmont, CO

“My wife went to HEAL with her best friend because she heard it was “fun to check out……” Who knew that using a colorful laser would eliminate her endless insomnia & give us our relationship back. Thank you for putting the HEAL back in healing……..Ron, Denver, CO

“My 15 yr old gregarious daughter became sullen & withdrawn over a period of a few quick months. I took her everywhere, nothing showed on her labs, all her tests looked ‘normal.’ After 3 Energy Bay sessions she was back to her enthusiastic self, no drugs, no supplements, no expensive appointments. It’s amazing to me that someone put this unique system of healing together, I thought I had seen it all……..mostly, we’re just grateful they did! Bridgette, Boulder, CO

“I was suffering with depression and in order to work and just get through my day, I was covering it upwith prescriptions. They made me feel like I wasn’t myself anymore, but I didn’t know what else to do. I was referred to HEAL by a friend that purchased a gift certificate for me for an Energy Medicine Bay Session. I reluctantly went in, and 45 min later I literally felt like a new woman. I did add on a session with those healing lights, and boy did they do the trick! I now feel hopeful and full of life, and am continuing to take my life to the next level in the Energy Medicine Bay.” Renee, Boulder, CO

“I had been everywhere and done everything for Chemical Sensitivities. I could hardly leave my apartment without having extreme symptoms. I flew into HEAL from NY for my first session w. Dr J and Tonda & 6 months later I am happy to report that I am no longer sensitive to everything around me and I am able to move about the planet freely. Thanks for helping me get my life back!” Roxanne, Syracuse, NY

“My wife was referred to HEAL for infertility issues, 3 months into her treatments we are proud to say we are finally pregnant! What’s great is that we had so much fun healing @ HEAL!” Joe & Kim, Boulder, CO

“I thought we had stepped into some futuristic healing fun park the first day we walked into heal for a consultation for my elevated PSA………little did I know, WE HAD! Thanks Dr J!”

“My wife heard about heal for emotional work after she was laid off from her career of more than 15 yrs……not only did she pick herself up by her bootstraps, but I’m proud to say she’s spread her wings to start a company for herself and express her passion for the arts after all these years of keeping her dreams tucked away. Our relationship is thriving, she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her and Dr J & Tonda are clearing my Law Firm after bringing on 2 new partners to insure we’ll all work together well right out of the gate & see that our abundance goes to the next level. We’re eternally grateful for your great work! You two are the true rainmakers!” Lee & Linda, Boulder, CO

“Thank you for getting my condo to sell after sitting on the market 3 years! I had almost lost all hope! RG, Atlanta, GA

RJ , Environmental Consultant, Boulder,CO

Heal has been, and continues to be, a powerful source for transformation in my life. Dr J and Tonda are talented healers and have helped me on many levels. The energy Medicine bay sessions are great and I look forward to my weekly sessions!
– RJ

Betty Jo, Retired Teacher, age 87, Boulder, CO

Emily, Chemical Engineer, Boulder, CO



I’ve had chronic symptoms of chemical sensitivities, fatigue and brain fog for over 7 years. I started getting treatment from Dr. J and Tonda at HEAL this summer and now I’m over 80% better and still climbing. My sensitivities are much milder, my fatigue is almost gone, and I feel sharper now than I did in college. Best of all, I’ve got my zest for life back! It’s been a truly life changing experience already–and we’re not done yet. I recommend the private healing sessions, energy medicine bay and the accessories in the bay to anyone who wants real results–especially with chronic symptoms. This place is awesome! Dr. J and Tonda at HEAL are the Real Deal!

Jane, Retired Nursing Instructor, age 85, Boulder, CO

After 11/2010

Dr J and Tonda saved my life several times over the last 3 years. I sustained a fractured pelvis in 4 places which at my age they diapered me and layed me down to die, a fractured shoulder, and a severe laceration where I am almost died from major infection. They utilized the HEAL system of healing on me every time and it helped me tremendously.

I love Dr J and Tonda, especially Dr J- because she is my special daughter. Thank you for giving me my life back and supporting me to feel great during my 80’s.